Aviation Skills Partnership

The Aviation Skills Partnership (“ASP”) is an organisation dedicated to making the aviation industry accessible to all.

The aviation industry in the UK faces strong growth both in a civil and defence capacity. Whilst the industry enjoys high levels of engagement and enthusiasm there is often a missed opportunity as this enthusiasm is not channelled into an aviation career.

ASP identified a need to ensure that pathways to the industry become clearly identifiable from a young age. We have therefore recently launched our Aviation Skills Manifesto at the House of Commons, to ensure that from a young age a career in aviation is clearly mapped out to encourage more young people to choose aviation as a career.

ASP works with four main audiences to deliver its manifesto across the regions:

  • Aviation employers / industry
  • People / parents
  • Educators / trainers
  • Government / regulators

For more information click here to view the Aviation Skills Manifesto

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