Generic Trainers

Pennant’s range of generic training equipment offers a blended solution enabling ab-initio students to benefit from a suite of modern, off-the-shelf training aids which provide operation and maintenance savings and reduced safety outcomes. These training aids complement training on real equipment and include:-

  • basic hand skills devices,
  • virtual reality procedure trainer for aircraft marshalling and ground handling tasks,
  • desktop emulators for fixed and rotary wing aircraft,
  • mechanical and avionic systems for practicing maintenance and fault finding activities.

You can watch our Generic Suite of Training Aids overview video here. The video explains how these products are suitable in both the Civil and Defence sectors.

Students are then equipped to move on and complete their training on high end domain-specific trainers utilising the skills they have learnt on Pennant’s Generic Trainers, lessening the step across to working on the real equipment.

The equipment is used at aeronautical engineering colleges and academies around the world to support both military specific trade training and more recently delivered to EASA Part 145 compliant maintenance organisations.

Additional information on our range of our generic, COTS design products can be found under the Experience heading.