Synthetic Environment Procedural Trainer (SEPT)


The Synthetic Environment Procedural Trainer (SEPT) is designed to help students practice marshalling signals and ground procedures, in a safe and secure way. Presented with a large curved projector screen, the student is shown a virtual reality airport, with aircraft, ground vehicles and hazards, all to be controlled by the student’s actions.

SEPT allows instructors to give new and experienced students the chance to work with many different aircraft in a series of different scenarios. The instructors note the student’s action and progress the scenario accordingly. To allow complete freeform teaching, SEPT has an edit mode allowing instructors to create new scenarios to improve learning.

Key Features

  • Comes with over 20 Preset lessons
  • Over 15 Selectable Aircraft
  • Selectable Weather Conditions (rain, snow, fog, wind)
  • 24 hour Time Of Day system
  • Temperate and Desert training areas
  • Configurable lesson system with edit mode
  • After Action Replay system
  • Displayed on a 30ft Curved Screen and viewable by classroom
  • Mulitple Forign Object Debris (FOD) and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) hazards in each scene

View the SEPT Overview Brochure