Virtual Reality

The transition from theoretical training to practical exercises is an important element in any training syllabus and, increasingly, training establishments are looking to virtual reality (VR) to bridge that gap. VR provides a deeply immersive, ultra high fidelity, virtual world within which the trainee can interact with equipment, carrying out a range of training exercises under a variety of normal and emergency scenarios – in perfect safety and without the necessity to remove equipment from operational service.

From the safety aspect, VR is particularly applicable to what are generally agreed to be highly dangerous activities; skydiving, operating petrochem plant, maintaining munitions etc. From the cost-of-training aspects, VR is the solution to familiarisation with warships, cleanrooms, electrical generation and distribution facilities.

VR provides the means for instructors to inject real-time faults or create emergency situations and to record the trainee’s responses for later review and report. It is also possible to have multiple trainees operating simultaneously and interacting within the virtual world.

Pennant has an innovative and imaginative programming and graphics team, working with the latest VR technologies to deliver highly effective training solutions.

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