Virtual Parachute Training Simulator (VPTS)

Pennant are proud to announce that VPTS won a Unite Award 2015, in the Visual Simulation (VIZSIM) category.


The award winning* Virtual Parachute Training Simulator (VPTS) product is designed to maximise training capacity and capability whilst greatly enhancing the safety of student parachutists. Using Head Mounted Display (HMD) devices, VPTS immerses the user in a real time virtual world that allows students to safely rehearse the full jump procedure. This is completed in a controlled virtual environment, where the instructor has control of all aspects of the training exercise, to ensure that the training needs of the students are met. Each step of the jump can be independently observed, matched against pre-set assessments and recorded for after-action review.

Key Features

  • Selectable Parachute Types
  • Selectable Weather Conditions (rain, snow, fog, wind)
  • Selectable Virtual Environments
  • Instructor Induced Malfunctions
  • Monitoring of Individual Students
  • Jump Record/Playback for De-Brief
  • Student Assessments/Reports
  • Freefall Flight
  • VPTS enables individual and team jumps, with a maximum of sixteen Student Jump Stations (SJS) able to take part in the same jump.

The rig is custom designed and manufactured for VPTS. This keeps the entire SJS Station enclosed within one object with no need for a separate desk or exposed cabling. Designed to carry a 160kg student, it uses a generic parachute harness that can be configured to all known canopy types. This allows for quick re-rolling for each jump type. The entire system is MIL-STD882E safety compliant

View the VPTS Overview Brochure