Virtual Parachute Training Simulator (VPTS)

The Virtual Parachute Training Simulator (VPTS) Lite is an immersive training system capable of supporting initial canopy control training and malfunction recognition through to mission planning and rehearsal.


Key Features:

  • Mission planning and rehearsal
  • Malfunction recognition training for a variety of malfunctions and nuisance factors
  • Pre-set scenarios
  • Pre-Jump parachutists brief from exiting the aircraft to landing on DZ
  • Selectable Parachute Types, Weather Conditions & Time of Day
  • NVG mode to allow mission rehearsals at night
  • Selectable Wind Speed (may differ with Altitude)
  • Selectable Virtual Environment and customisable Geospecific Terrain databases
  • Body tracking system to allow altimeter checks under canopy
  • Integrated communications between students and instructor
  • Intuitive, easy to use modern User Interface (UI)
  • Assessment module to check student competency and After-Action replay
  • Scalable system, up to 24 jump stations
  • Character customization allowing end user to setup jumpers
  • Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) gaming engine allowing rapid integration of new VR hardware and visual effects
  • Increased student through put.
 In 2015 Pennant won a Unite Award (Visual Simulation (VIZSIM) category) for the VPTS.

View the VPTS Overview Brochure