Aviation Skills Foundation test

The Aviation Skills Foundation (“ASF”) was established in 2019 as a not-for-profit organisation supporting the goal of making the aviation industry accessible to all.

ASF aspires to establishing a strong and respected partnership of voices across the UK and world to strengthen the international standing of the Aviation sector. Particularly at a time that could not be more challenging with the global pandemic currently overwhelming the viability of industry. We are committed to inspiring the future skilled workforce and creating networking opportunities, to overcome the deficit of suitably skilled individuals, to produce a sustainable supply of skilled professionals for the aviation sector.

International partnership with RDA Hunter

Whilst the current global Pandemic is resulting in a reduced presence and activities from us at current, it is still an exciting time for our partners; Regional Development Australia (RDA) who are launching the Aviation Skills Charter overseas in Australia, promoting and implementing positive change for an industry with a global influence.  

The Charter for Aviation Skills is compiled of five key areas:

1) Recognising the potential of every citizen to have access to a career in aviation through a local skills framework which removes barriers to allow greater social mobility and social inclusion.

2) Connecting stakeholders by creating new partnerships across the sector that includes industry, young people, adult entrants to the sector and those working within it, educators, trainers, Government, Funding Agencies and Regulators.

3) Creating new skills development pathways that are interfaced directly with jobs and have entry points from school years onward, integrating the academic, hands-on industry and the enterprise and inter-personal skills of ideal candidates the sector needs.

4) Building or recognising industry-led centres of training, enabling the establishment of a network of regional academies fed by local satellites.

5) Networking via an information and communication hub where partners and other stakeholders can access clear careers and jobs guidance.

Contact: enquiries@aviationskillspartnership.com