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25 Feb 2021, 09:47
Celebrating 63 years of Pennant!
  Pennant is celebrating 63 years today (25th February 2021). Since 1958, Pennant has evolved into a leading provider of technology-based training solutions and has become an established global supplier of  Integrated Product Support (“IPS”) software and services. This worldwide capability is supported by a highly-skilled, innovative and creative team…
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19 Feb 2021, 09:11
Studio Services: Authoring, Copywriting, Technical Illustration & Translation
The Pennant Studio Services team has expansive knowledge and experience with Technical Publications – from concise printed handbooks to Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM), the core skill of our experienced technical illustrator and authoring team can convert complex source data into User Handbooks, Operation & Maintenance Manuals, Parts Catalogues and…
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18 Feb 2021, 12:25
Studio Services: Video Production
Our Studio Services department has the equipment and talent to capture and edit video, creating material for any required outcome. Alongside our general video and animation work, Track Access Services have been delivering Driver Route training for many years, synchronising driver’s eye video to its location on an interactive map,…
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17 Feb 2021, 14:08
Studio Services: Graphic Design & Illustration
Our experienced and qualified Studio Services department are experts in media development and graphic design, with adept skills in multiple programmes and a varied portfolio of high-quality print and digital artwork, created with innovation, precision, and detail. From extensive reports and brochures to product logos, promotional event material, illustration, GUI…
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16 Feb 2021, 09:44
Studio Services: E-Learning and CBT
Pennant has been at the forefront of distributed learning in the form of web and server-based e-learning, with Computer Based Training (CBT) and Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) applications, delivering consistently high-quality learning across an entire enterprise, in an efficient, clean, contemporary, and cost-effective way. Our highly skilled employees can create…
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15 Feb 2021, 10:07
Pennant Studio Services: an Introduction
Pennant Studio Services is just one of many departments belonging to the Pennant Group, and is a collective of highly skilled artists, developers, technical authors, translators, and varied industry experts. The team’s skills cover 2D & 3D Design, VR Media Development, Film and Media Production, E-Learning and CBT, Illustration, Authoring,…
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02 Feb 2021, 14:01
Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021 Award Winner
Pennant have been announced as winners for the ‘Technical Training Solution of the Year’ Category as part of the ‘Corporate Live Wire Innovation and Excellence Awards 2021’. Corporate Live Wire invited over 90,000 businesses and corporate experts, magazine contributors, their subscribers and own research team to nominate both businesses and…
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01 Feb 2021, 11:03
2021 Chairman’s Awards
Pennant has seen the return of the Chairman’s Awards for the third year and our five categories: Innovation, Performance, Quality, Respect and Teamwork, celebrating the core values of the company. Nominations were made by employees, with detailed reasons given for each vote. These nominations were discussed by a four-person panel,…
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25 Jan 2021, 09:01
New Product Video Just Launched!
We are delighted to announce we have just published Pennant’s latest product video: The Crew Escape and Safety Trainer (CESST).  This trainer is a standalone training system enabling an instructor to demonstrate basic practical removal and fitment of an ejection seat and related Aircraft Assisted Escape System (AAES) components to…
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22 Jan 2021, 08:48
Pennant renew JOSCAR accreditation
  Pennant have been a proud member of JOSCAR since 2015 and we are delighted to announce we have retained our supplier accreditation registration and received our latest certificate. The team regularly monitor Pennant’s information on the portal and update as necessary to ensure the platform contains the latest information…
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