Basic Helicopter Maintenance Trainer (BHMT)

The Basic Helicopter Maintenance Trainer (BHMT) is a freestanding helicopter trainer enabling students to carry out practical training by performing standard maintenance procedures associated with rotary wing aircraft. There are a multitude of systems which the students can carry out functional testing, fault diagnosis and remove/install procedures.

Key features:
Airframe structure with easily visible cockpit area
Gas Turbine Engine
Main Rotor and Tail Rotor Transmission
Rotors flight control system, with collective, cyclic and yaw channels visible during operation
Hydraulic power supply providing flight control via hydraulic assisted servo actuators
Electrical supplies
Generic glass cockpit featuring electronic flight instrument display
Replicated stand-by analogue flight instruments
Student perform practical tasks using aircraft manuals, standard tools and test equipment
Instructor operating station to provide control, monitor activity and input faults
Includes Ground Support Equipment and Specialist tools.

The BHMT uses an optimum mix of high-fidelity replica and real aircraft components installed in a refurbished airframe representative of a generic rotary wing aircraft. The equipment enhances the training given by allowing the instructor to demonstrate at ground level, operation of systems e.g. cockpit layout, instrumentation, Gas Turbine Engine remove and install, flying controls etc. thereby underpinning the students’ knowledge of these systems.

Training standards and qualifications include:
  City & Guilds
  CASA MEA Units

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