Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The success of the company depends upon the quality of its training assets, so it is essential to establish the need for training at the earliest opportunity. It is the role of Technical Training Solutions (TTS) to demonstrate an identifiable and measurable need for training before management provides funds for the solution design. It is the role of TTS to provide cost-effective and efficient recommendations, training or otherwise, that support company and customer operational missions and goals.

TTS is responsible for the step by step approach when conducting Training Needs Analysis for both new and existing training assets to ascertain the requirement; is a new or modified training asset needed; and, if so, what kind? Our three-stage process begins with the production of a Scoping Exercise Report, and then does the analysis, and finishes with the training need evaluation. If required, detailed system analysis is done to identify training needed by each job, position and employee to perform duties to the desired standard under the recommended conditions. The company also provide a training pathway mapping service to assist customers with the training exposition in aligning training assets with competencies in the most cost-efficient method.