Virtual Reality Shunter Trainer (VRST)

The Virtual Reality Shunter Training is a virtual simulation of a fully working train yard, complete with multiple siding lines, complex rolling stock and general hazards.

Key features:
Fully Immersive Generic Shunting Depot
Variety of Rolling Stock
Instructor Injected Hazards
Time of Day and Weather effects
Realistic student control via input controller

The training is led by the instructor who can pre load scenarios for the student or create their own setups. The instructor control station allows the instructor to control all elements of the training exercise, from train movement to weather controls, they are also presented with a real and virtual world representation of the student. The trainer is looking for the student to perform certain actions to progress the lesson.

The student wears a virtual reality headset that immerses them into the shunting world. They control their movements and interactions through a handheld controller.

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